Todd Bonita Art Gallery – An Authentic Maine Fine Art Experience in Perkins Cove, Ogunquit

Todd Bonita Gallery - Perkins Cove - Ogunquit

Imagine a tiny storefront, jostled up against the weather beaten lobster shacks of Perkins Cove, stocked from floor to ceiling with some of the most colorful, evocative and refined artistic depictions of coastal New England you’ve ever seen assembled in one place.

Now stop imagining and head over to the Todd Bonita Art Gallery directly at the base of the Perkins Cove footbridge in Ogunquit.

Just a quick jaunt up 4 steps, and you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the textures, forms and hues that picturesque New England dreams are comprised of; hundreds of rectangular surfaces, each with the perspective and technique of a living master painter adhering to its surface; sublime moments captured by individuals exceedingly gifted in the art of observing and conveying visions of Northeast beauty certain to evoke nostalgia and wanderlust in any who happen to experience them firsthand.

Make it a point to stop in at the Todd Bonita art Gallery, while you’re staying overnight at the Arts-Friendly (and very romantic Hartwell House Inn), between your visits to the nearby Ogunquit Museum of American Art, the Beth Ellis Gallery / Shore Road Gallery, and the Don Gorvett Perkins Cove Gallery (almost immediately upstairs). Gaze upon the rotating works by Donald Jurney, Tom Hughes, Jason Sacran, Dennis Perrin, Stan Moeller, Dennis Poirier, Dave + Pamela Lussier and others (obviously, Todd Bonita among them).

Purchase a piece of fine art, something that catches the eye and tugs at the imagination, a tangible treasure you stumbled across in the salt air of one of the most picturesque lobster boat harbors in Maine, a memory you’ll have forever, with gossamer strands connecting it to a spit of land sacred to the arts in America, the original site of the storied Ogunquit Art Colony.

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About Eric Taubert

Eric Taubert is the founder of Barometer Media and the publisher of the Ogunquit Barometer. He is also a fine art / street photographer (Taubert Gallery | Ogunquit Art Association/Barn Gallery) and an innkeeper at The Hartwell House Inn on Shore Road in Ogunquit, Maine. Visit him on Twitter @erictaubert

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