Ogunquitfest: Thriller Flash Mob Video and High Heel Dash Photo Gallery

By October 26, 2015 Features, Ogunquit News

On Sunday, October 25, 2015, Perkins Cove in Ogunquit was packed with spectators for two of Ogunquitfest’s big events: the Thriller Flash Mob and the High Heel Dash!

It was a perfect autumn day in the cove, leaves at peak color, with a chill in the air and lots of men (and women) in high heels wearing colorful costumes! Local police temporarily stopped vehicle traffic into the cove for the duration of the High Heel Dash. The atmosphere was seasonally festive and spooky as participant zombies danced to the sounds provided by DJ Jaz. There was even some type of vague, yet highly celebrated, Japanese celebrity of indeterminate name and fame being paraded onstage and followed around everywhere by a commensurately Japanese camera crew.

It was all very casual until the first notes of Thriller by Michael Jackson hit the salt air and the zombies on scene began to arrange themselves into formation and dance in unison – a full on Halloween flash mob in New England’s top beach town! What are the chances?!

Click Play to view the video below (be sure to click the ‘HD’ button for best quality):

After the choreography of the dancers amazed all in attendance, the celebratory crowd barely had time to rub down the goose bumps before the 7th Annual High Heel Dash (benefiting the Frannie Peabody Center) was in full play – with children racing, followed by the traditional ‘heel measuring’ and finally to the big race! BTW – over $2,000 was raised through this event to prevent the spread of HIV and provide support for people living with HIV/AIDS in Maine!

…and did we mention it was also closing day at the original Barnacle Billy’s restaurant, just steps from where all of this was occurring? If you know Ogunquit at all, we’re pretty certain you can imagine the rush on rum punches and lobster rolls in the moments afterwards ­čÖé

Have a look at some photos from the day below – click any image for a larger view:

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