Now there’s something you don’t see everyday! Home being moved up Shore Road in Ogunquit…

By April 14, 2017 Features, Ogunquit News
House Moving up Shore Road in Ogunquit Maine

We see a lot from our vantage point at the historic Thompson Farm House (1750) in Ogunquit.

We watch as the tide of tourists arrive in late spring and finally recede after the last colorful leaves fall in autumn.

We see Shore Road traffic during the summer months; when the sidewalks are busy day and night and everyone is lost in the process of creating new vacation memories to last a lifetime.

We see the guests of the romantic Hartwell House Inn (just across the road) emerging; some walking towards Perkins Cove and the Marginal Way, while others walk towards downtown and the beach.

We see Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea parade pass by in seasonal festive glory.

We see the winter storms churn up the sky overhead, the snow they drop, and the teams of plows and snowblowers that clean it all up.

We see the quiet times, in the off-season, when full hours can pass with barely a single car driving by.

And then, every so often, something different happens. We can feel the energy of an occurrence outside – like just the other day, when we looked out the window and saw a flatbed truck, a couple of spotters, and a police car escort moving a small home around the corner of Frazier Pasture Road on their way up Shore Road…

So we opened up the window and recorded the event ­čÖé

About Eric Taubert

Eric Taubert is the founder of Barometer Media and the publisher of the Ogunquit Barometer. He is also a fine art / street photographer (Taubert Gallery | Ogunquit Art Association/Barn Gallery) and an innkeeper at The Hartwell House Inn on Shore Road in Ogunquit, Maine. Visit him on Twitter @erictaubert

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