Death By Lobster – Ogunquit-Themed Book Signing at the Hartwell House Inn

By September 5, 2017 Ogunquit News
Death By Lobster - Mark Okrant

Mark Okrant has written a page turner of a fictional book – set in Ogunquit, Maine – where a series of murders occur and the bodies are left in prominent landmarks all around our beautiful place by the sea. Will the summer tourism season be threatened? Will the Ogunquit police find the murderer?

Okrant is the Plymouth College professor emeritus of tourism management – and was an active tourism researcher for five decades throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. He has also made a name for himself by writing a series of mystery novels which are all set in the famous grand hotels and historic resort communities of New Hampshire and Maine. Okrant painstakingly researches the inns and locales and talks with people who live in these resorts. In this case, he spent time at the Ogunquit Lobster Pound, the Marginal Way, the Riverside Motel, Ogunquit shops/restaurants, with the Ogunquit chief of police, and at Mike’s Clam Shack in neighboring Wells, Maine.


Learn more about Okrant’s ‘Death by Lobster’ – and meet the author – during his book signing at the Hartwell House Inn (a romantic bed and breakfast located at 312 Shore Road in Ogunquit, Maine) on Sunday, September 10th from 3-4pm!

Or click the link below to learn more about Death by Lobster AND purchase the book:

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Book Review: Death by Lobster

“Europe’s the mayonnaise, but America supplies the good old lobster.” So wrote English novelist D.H. Lawrence, but for Ogunquit resident Slade Evans, this American delicacy proved his undoing.

Mark Okrant’s newest Kary Turnell release, Death by Lobster, offers readers two forms of pleasure. The first is a mystery meticulously plotted with action and realistic police procedure (without bogging down in the latter) and the second is an enjoyable tour through Maine’s historic Ogunquit seaside resort.

Evan’s aunt, Gladys, who is married to Ogunquit police officer Guy Robie, is convinced his case was closed too quickly. She knew her nephew was meticulous when it came to avoiding this usually sought-after fruit of the sea. To placate his wife, Robie brings in his friend criminologist Turnell and his wife Nya.

But one death soon becomes two, becomes three, and Turnell, his wife, and the Ogunquit police force are hard pressed to find the murderer who is leaving dead bodies at famous Ogunquit sites. The apparent killing spree threatens the summer tourist season, not to mention Ogunquit’s exclusive reputation.

Okrant’s writing style is crisp and quick. Turnell and the police may have become bogged down for a while, but his writing never does. Add this to his research, and putting down this book will prove hard to do. An experienced writer of primarily fiction, Okrant is a painstaking researcher as Turnell. A professor emeritus of tourism management, Okrant’s Turnell homicides (this is his seventh) are set in famous New England grand hotels and historic resorts. He leaves no stone unturned in researching the locales of his crimes, the inns and restaurants, interviewing the local residents, and walking the ways and byways where murder just may raise its ugly head.

Review by Christina Van Horn, a former Boston Globe editor who never met a book she didn’t want to read.

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Eric Taubert is the founder of Barometer Media and the publisher of the Ogunquit Barometer. He is also a fine art / street photographer (Taubert Gallery | Ogunquit Art Association/Barn Gallery) and an innkeeper at The Hartwell House Inn on Shore Road in Ogunquit, Maine. Visit him on Twitter @erictaubert

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