VIDEO-PHOTOS: The 2016 OMAA Art by the Sea Gala

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OMAA - Art by the Sea Gala 2016 - Ogunquit

On Saturday, August 20, the Ogunquit Museum of American Art (OMAA) held their premier fundraising event and cultural highlight of the season – the ‘Art by the Sea’ Gala.

There was just the slightest hint of changing foliage color on the tree directly out front of the OMAA, as cars by the dozens pulled onto the manicured lawn for this widely attended late summer event.

On the inside, artists, collectors, local business-persons, colorful personalities, stylish dressers, and just about everyone who is absolutely anyone around the Ogunquit art scene were packed into unusually tight quarters, with smiles on their faces, surrounded by inspiring art.

The floor-to-ceiling window view of coastal Maine visible from this gem of a museum’s incredible interior served as the perfect eye-candy backdrop to the evening.

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Interim Executive Director Andy Verzosa was at the helm, with a firm hand on the tiller, as a magnificent night of art, food, drink, and fundraising unfolded. Actor/director Candy Manuel proved an exceedingly entertaining (and effective) auctioneer guiding the frenzied bidding activity towards an enduring memory of success for all involved.

Lisa Aubin and the entirety of the Event and Honorary Committees (along with the underwriters) all deserve a round of applause for the unique gifts and talents they brought to the table to make this event a reality.

And, of course, special recognition is due to all of the artists (and entities) who generously donated artwork and/or destination/experiential packages to the auction for the benefit of the OMAA – including: “Marginal Way Alcove” by Jon Allen Marshall, “Sandy Shallows” by Jeffrey Fitzgerald, “The Point” by Claire Bigbee, Flounder” by Michael Updike, “Kewpie Doll visits Monet in his garden” by Zella Funck, “Out to Sea, Ogunquit II” by Phillip Koch, “Ogunquit Maine, Narrow Cove” by John David O’Shaugnessey, “Safe Harbor” by Larry Hayden, “Ogunquit Beach” by Caren-Marie Michel, “Waiting for the Sea to Rise” by Ron Emmerling, “Gull on Rocks” by Tom Glover, “Sea Swell Ogunquit” by Rachael Eastman, “Old Town Canoe” by Alan Bull, and many more.

Here are some video and images from the event:

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